Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December - Let the countdown begin!

So...the last couple Christmases Scott and I have been in total survival mode. Our usual excuse applied: the house and our lives totally dictated by cute, loud, messy but oh so sweet children!

The month of December was a blur and I just wanted to get through it. Which is so sad! It is supposed to be a joyous month especially when celebrating life with children! And there are so many cool, fun things to do with kids especially if you love arts and crafts (that would be me!).

My problem has been that if I don't plan the activity I have elaborately created in my mind, it doesn't happen. It doesn't matter that I day dream about making beautifully iced Christmas cookies with my children - if I don't put it on the calendar it isn't going to happen.

So this December I was determined to atleast accomplish SOMETHING. So we made a Christmas count down chain which is something my brothers and I always did growing up. The boys had a blast making them. It was a simple activity that I was able to complete with the boys while Batson clung to my leg and simulaneously pulled Dalton's cup of crystal light off the table and onto the floor. We started with 25 links so the boys could immediately tear off a link. Ahhh - the simple pleasures!

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