Monday, January 4, 2010


My word for the year is leap! I am going to stop over-thinking and just start doing.

For starters I let go of the anger I have felt toward the Catholic Church for the last several years and attended mass yesterday. It was my first visit to the church near my home and I absolutely loved it. I not only loved the look and feel of the church (it was extremely warm and inviting) but I felt so connected to my Grandparents. It has been so long and I have missed that feeling tremendously. I am glad I took that leap.

I also went on a short, simple walk with Mya around the loop. I wanted to get in a quick and easy work out. Scott said "go take your walk - I will watch the boys." It was guilt free, simple and I so enjoyed every second of it. Love being outside and love spending time with Mya. I am glad I didn't let the laundry pile or dishes in the sink keep me from missing out on a really nice moment in my day. I am glad I took that leap.

We ended our day with a trip to a new yogurt place called "berry cool frozen yogurt." I almost passed on the trip because it was an unfamiliar place and it seemed easier for Jackson and me to just hang around the house while Scott took Dalton and Vaughn. But, I am so glad Jack and I tagged along. Not only did we love trying something new - we had so much fun as a family. We got to sample a wide variety of yogurt flavors and the boys loved topping their yogurt off with nerds, gummy worms and mini m&m's. I see frozen yogurt in our near future!! I am so glad I took that leap.

Right now I am leaping into a glass of Merlot and a 100 calorie bag of Smart Pop:).

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